Microsoft Mocks Apple And Samsung Users In Its Latest Windows Phone Ad

Commercial takes a dig at Android and iOS devices, while praising the Nokia Lumia 1020's 41 megapixel camera.


In its campaign called 'Don't fight. Switch' to promote the Windows Phone platform, Microsoft had mocked Samsung-Apple tussle in 'The Wedding' ad that features the Nokia Lumia 920. This hilarious clip, released in April, went viral on social networking sites and managed to garner over 6 million views in a couple of months. Following the launch of the Lumia 920's true successor, the 1020 in the US, Microsoft has now come up with a sequel to its most popular Windows Phone advert.

In the latest clip, the action takes place at a children's recital, where parents try hard to get a perfect shot with their Android and iOS devices. You can spot a variety of products, mainly from Samsung and Apple, including the GALAXY Note II, S4, and iPhone 5. One hilarious spot in the ad shows a woman using her not-so-portable iPad to click photographs. The dialogues are also quite clever. For instance, a GALAXY Note user tells an iPhone 5 owner that "2007 had called, it wants its camera phone back" (PROTIP1: hinting that the iPhone's camera is so outdated). Then, the GALAXY Note user retorts with a headbutt, "How's this for a 'drama shot'?" — a reference to the GALAXY S4 feature. Finally, Microsoft once again takes a dig at the popular iPhone 5 ad, which states that “Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera". Of course, the clip obviously plugs the Lumia 1020's camera as its users continue to take snaps from wherever they are seated, mentioning that they have the best seats in the house (PROTIP2: hinting at the 1020's 41 mp camera PureView zoom). Now without further ado, here's the ad in question.


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