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Facebook Introduces Story Bumping Feature For News Feeds

Unread stories are now dynamically displayed, with the help of certain algorithmic tweaks.


Facebook's News Feed service has been a favourite with social networking addicts, ever since its rollout nearly seven years ago. Now, everyone favourite social network has resorted to tweaking the service by introducing a few changes. Users will now be able to keep track of older unread stories and those that were missed-out altogether. This functionality, according to Facebook, will be enabled with new algorithmic tweaks that are said to sort out stories omitted from the feed. The algorithm is also said to have the capability to sort and display missed-out stories that have received Comments and Likes by other Facebook users.

This feature, dubbed as "Story Bumping", is currently rolling out to desktop users. The functionality will soon be available to mobile platforms as well.

Story Bumping is poised to work in sync with the "personalised newspaper" approach that Facebook had adapted in March this year. The main idea was to prioritise graphical content over text. News Feeds were revamped and various new options such as All Friends, Photos, Music, and Following were built-in.

Facebook Introduces Story Bumping Features In News Feeds

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