Download: Flipkart eBooks (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) |

Download: Flipkart eBooks (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

Turns your smart device into a capable eBook reader.


After being on the Android platform for a while now, the Flipkart eBooks app has finally made it to the iOS and Windows Phone. Plus, there is also a Web Reader, so you can read eBooks on your PC as well. The app packs in something called the FlipStream technology that claims to speed up the reading process as you can quickly switch between sections of the eBook. There is also an eBook Recommendations section that will suggest you books based on your recent purchases. The app lets you control reading modes (day, night, and sepia), font sizes, and orientation (landscape/portrait). You can mark passages, take notes, bookmark pages, or even look up word meanings, just like on a Kindle eReader. The FlipSync option remembers where you last left reading your book, and the FlipThru feature lets you download a 10% sample of any eBook to help you make an informed buying decision.

Price: Free
Size: 5.9 MB – 15.2 MB
Platform: Windows Phone, Android, iOS
Download URL: Windows Phone -; Android -; iOS -

Download: Flipkart eBooks (iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

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