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Lost Your Android Phone/Tablet? No Problem Says Google

Google Android Device Manager service is available for users of Android 2.2 and above.


Google's Android Device Manager could offer some solace to people having lost their precious Android devices, as Android users can not only locate lost devices on Google Maps, but can wipe-out personal information stored within these devices. The Android Device Manager is a new security service from the internet giant, which allows tracking of lost Android devices.

Although there are plenty of third-party apps which offer smartphone/tablet tracking, their credibility has time and again proved to be far from perfect. Google's Android Device Manager comes from the makers themselves, Google.

Google says that, with the new Android Device Manager, lost devices of the users can be activated so that these ring on the maximum possible volume even when set on "Silent" Mode. This is achieved with the help of an application that the new Device Manager has built within. This new Android Device detection service also makes use of a website that is claimed to aid in lost device detection based on geographical factors.

Last but not the least, users can even lock their smartphone screens, and secure it using a customised password and a PIN. This can be done by navigating Settings > Personal > Security > Screen Lock. However, the USP of Google Android Device Manager seems to be its "Erase data" functionality as users can at least prevent personal information from getting into the wrong hands, rather than trying to salvage their lost devices.

Google's new Android Device Manager service looks like the internet major's answer to the Find my iPhone service that Apple has. Even Sony has a similar phone-finder tool called My Xperia, that was launched recently. At this instant, Google is yet to make public other nuances of its Android Device Manager, including a detailed know-how. We are happy that Google isn't limiting this to Android updates but rather as a free download (Android 2.2 upwards) on Google Play itself by the end of the month.

Google Android Device Manager Announced: For Tracking Lost Android Smartphones, Tablets

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