Xbox One Will Support External Video Capture |

Xbox One Will Support External Video Capture

A boon for gameplay videos enthusiasts; HDCP may prevent encrypted video streams from being recorded.


Even as Microsoft yo-yos between clamping down and lifting overzealous DRM restrictions on its upcoming Xbox One console, the YouTube exhibitionists amongst us are in for a treat. The next-gen console will allow gamers to capture video through external devices, according to Polygon, which had a word with Microsoft Game Studios Vice President, Phil Spencer, on the matter.

This isn't to be confused with the console's already-confirmed ability to record the final five minutes of gameplay locally on the hard drive. The newly announced feature allows you to tap into the HDMI output and use external devices such as video capture boxes or a similar setup rigged to your PC to record videos. The feature will work "exactly like it works today [on the Xbox 360]", according to Spencer.

Having said that, the Damocles' Sword of DRM still hangs precariously over this feature. The HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) tied with the HDMI port will prevent HDCP encrypted content from being streamed to external recording devices. Unfortunately, this is a problem that can't be worked around because HDMI is the only confirmed A/V output for the console. While this protection is aimed to prevent unauthorised copies of videogames, this could also affect gameplay streams that employ such encryption.

Spencer reassures that this won't be an issue "if all you care about is getting the gameplay". However, this is something we can only be sure of when the console releases this November. Let's just hope the next-gen console gamers will be able to continue uploading videos of them shooting their friends in the faces.

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