WP Marketplace Hits 50k Mark

Approximately 10,000 apps added in just the last 40 days.


The Windows Phone Marketplace now houses more than 50,000 apps. From November, new arrivals are pouring in at a rate of around 265 apps per day. While this may not sound impressive when compared to its iOS and Android counterparts, it's still a milestone for a platform that's just over an year old. In contrast, the Android Market took 19 months to reach this figure, while Apple's App Store achieved it in 12 months.

Earlier, analysts had predicted that WP would surpass this mark in 2012. However, the recent spike in app submissions has accelerated the process. Reportedly, a major reason behind this flood of apps seems to be the extended reach of the platform, up from 16 countries to 35. Besides, the launch of Nokia's WP phones has also helped in generating interest among the developer community.

From being mostly paid in the early days, 58% of apps in the Marketplace today are free. In comparison, Android has 69% free apps, while the iOS has 43%. Interestingly, the growth rate of the Marketplace is better than that of the Android Market, which is definitely a good sign for WP users as well as manufacturers.


WP Marketplace Hits 50k Mark

This graph represents the number of months taken by each platform to reach the 50k apps mark. From left: iOS, WP, Android, Symbian, and BlackBerry.


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