Chinese Firm Launches Portable Gaming Console |

Chinese Firm Launches Portable Gaming Console

Runs on Android, costs Rs 7500.


Chinese manufacturer JXD has introduced an Android-based gaming console, called the S7100. Although this gadget may not pose any threat to Sony's PS Vita, it will surely please budget gamers.

This 7" (capacitive) touchscreen device has pixel dimensions of 800x480. Under the hood is a 1 GHz CPU, coupled with a Mali 400 GPU. Other specs include 512 MB DDR2 RAM, a 2 MP rear and a secondary VGA camera, Wi-Fi, HDMI-Out, and TV-Out. According to the manufacturer, this Froyo-based (Android 2.2) gadget is a combination of a game console and tablet. It sports a D-pad, face buttons, and a thumb stick. You can also emulate Sony PSOne, Nintendo GBA, and Sega Mega Drive games on it.

JXD's webpage is a complete rip-off of Apple's site, so you might want to check it out by following this link. Those impressed with the S7100's capabilities can order it for $140 (approx Rs 7500) by clicking here.


Chinese Firm Launches Portable Gaming Console

The company claims to be different. True, I haven't seen the iPhone's icons, Symbian's wallpaper, and PlayStation's keys, all in a single device!

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