Spire Enables Siri On Jailbroken iOS 5 Devices

Uses non-copyright material to achieve this.


There's no real reason why Siri has been restricted to the iPhone 4S, except to make you upgrade from your not-so-cool-anymore iPhone 4. However, as reported earlier, that didn't stop hackers from porting the much-hyped voice recognition gimmick to the iPhone 4 and 3GS, iPads, and 3rd and 4th gen iPods, using the Spire app. While many such Siri-enabling alternatives exist, Spire developers claim that theirs is the "safest" way to go about it, since it doesn't contain any copyright-infringing material.

Developed by iOS hackers Steven Troughton-Smith, Chpwn, and Ryan Petrich, the Spire requires a jailbroken iOS 5 device and a friend with an iPhone 4S willing to share his authentication token.{C}{C} Thereafter, you need to set up and maintain a proxy server to establish a connection with Apple's servers, using the transplanted authentication token. If that sounds complicated, refer to this FAQ before heading over to Cydia to download the application. Just remember to switch from 3G to Wi-Fi, because Spire downloads a good 100 MB worth of data from Apple.

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