Nokia Colours 12 Zebra Crossings In Mumbai To Push Its #Colorisin Campaign

12 colourful Zebra crossings may be safer in Mumbai... Maybe not.


Ask any average Mumbaikar about road sense, and pedestrian safety and he will gape at you as if you are talking gibberish. In a city where sidewalks become bike ways and hawkers zone, Nokia has decided to bring some change. No, they don’t intend to put up banners educating people about road sense or pedestrian safety.  Instead, they are painting a few (12 to be precise) Zebra crossings in the city with Nokia Asha colours for its #colorisin campaign for a period of 12 months.

However, knowing the spirit of Mumbai, it's not exactly zebra crossing anymore, these will now become randomly coloured lines that cars continue to ignore. Or maybe things will change and these 12 zebra crossings will become the safest in the city. For now though, the priceless expression on the police constable's face gives us all the hope we need!

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