Download: Mobogenie (Windows)

Now you can backup your Android phone and tablet, iTunes style.


While we do agree that iTunes' restrictive approach with the iPhone is incredibly annoying, it does let you backup data from your phone on to your PC or Mac. Android users have lacked this functionality until now, as the only way to backup your droids was using cloud storage, which basically means you have to spend on 2G or 3G data transfers, in the unavailability of Wi-Fi option. However, Mobogenie is a Windows-based application that is set to change this. Using this free application, you can easily backup all the information from your Android phone or tablet to your PC.

Once you install the software, launch it and can simply connect your handset to the PC's USB port. The one-click approach lets you transfer pictures, videos, music, apps, and other data in a single click. Similarly, you can also restore data using the Restore button. Of course, you can keep the phone/tablet synced with the PC using this software. You can create and edit contacts, or even chat through the SMS manager using the PC application. You can use your PC's internet connection to download APK files, and install them on the device. In case, the internal storage becomes full, you can also move apps to the microSD card. Additionally, there are sections called Showcase, Apps, Games, Ringtones, Wallpapers, etc, which let you install featured apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers, etc, to your Android device, right through the PC software. What's more, you can even download APK files directly to the computer from Google Play Store interface of the software and install them to your Android device when it is connected!

Publisher: Beijing Gamease Age Technology
Price: Free
Size: 19.4 MB
Platform: Windows, Android
Download URL:


Download: Mobogenie (Windows)

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