75% Off On Steam Sale, Now With Trading Cards

Time to become poorer, with up to 75 per cent off on many titles.


Time to empty your pockets again, on games that you'll almost never play. Yes, the Steam Summer Sale is in town and yes, we are looking at you the "Sharp-eyed Stockpiler" (an actual badge I earned on Steam). The sale, which lasts till 22nd July, offers up to 75% Off on games, including flash sales, and for the first time Trading Cards.

Don’t Badger Me
While the sale includes many favourites such as Valve’s entire catalogue, Indie games, and many of the recent games such as Bioshock Infinite (50% Off) and Far Cry 3 (40% Off), the twist this time around are Trading Cards. As the name suggests, are virtual cards earned by playing games on Steam. These Sets of cards can be turned into game badges and tradable Steam community items. Unlike the current badges, crafting game badges from Trading Sets earns you marketable items including emoticons, profile backgrounds, and coupons.

Trade This B!**h!
So in a gist… basically buying a game ensures your Steam Level XP goes up. More XP is to be earned by playing the game, which then ensures that your percentage for card drops increases as you Level up. Steam tells you how many badges you have and how to acquire more from the game. You can look up your friends and trade badges with them to complete your set. While mentally at the same time feeling completely incomplete and restless and investing even more time in useless games and fake friends on Steam Community, which you ought to have in the first place spent in studying and making a man of yourself...err, just kidding! Those who are bubbling with questions regards to how the Trading Card system works, click on the FAQ to read more.

As usual, it’s a Steam Sale people, and it’d be wise not to "Bite off more than you can play". Advice, which a sales leech and game hoarder like me should totally follow…now where did I put that Credit Card!

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