Google To Kill Latitude. Will It Leave You Lost?

How much of this move will benefit Google+, only time will tell.


After pulling the plug on its several of its services including the Google Reader, the search giant is now going to shut down the Google Latitude service. The official blog suggest that the death knell will sound on 9th August, 2013, and it will affect several apps, including Google Maps for Android, Latitude for iPhone, Latitude API, public badge, and iGoogle Gadget, along with its parent website.

This effectively means that you will not be able to share your location using the service after the said date, and the app will go off the app repositories as well. The idea seems to be pushing Google+ instead, as the Google+ Android app is said to support location sharing, and check ins. The feature will come to the iOS soon. Other Google products that will support Location Reporting include Location History. Now how many really used the service when it was alive?

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