"Better Late Than Never", Panasonic Debuts Mirrorless Cameras in India

After a long wait, Panasonic officially launches the mirrorless G Series in the country.


Panasonic recently added three new cameras to its Mirrorless series line up the GX1, G5, and GH3. This may sound like old news to some, which it is, but yet significant at the same time.

So Why Is Panasonic Launching These Year Old Cameras Now?
Before any of you jump to the conclusion that Panasonic is dumping their older 'non-sellable' cameras in the Indian market, let me set the record straight. Yes, two of these cameras are older by a year (excluding the GH3), and no, they aren't dumping cameras in Indian market either.

Panasonic had pretty much forgotten their B2C camera segment and concentrated a lot more on their other consumer products such as audio-video, home appliances, and business/professional solutions. This time around luckily for us they are going all out "Gung-ho" in the consumer segment especially cameras and acessories, especially lenses. So expect, more timely releases hence-forth.

The GX1 (14-42 mm lens) and G5 (14-42 mm lens) mirrorless cameras are priced Rs 35,000 and Rs 38,000 respectively, while the GH3 costs a whopping Rs 1 Lakh (body only) and Rs 1,55,000 with 14-140mm lens.

All the three have their strengths... the GX1 is meant for those who'd like a small pocketable camera with excellent image quality and a robust body. The G5 on the other hand is for photography enthusiasts who'd prefer an SLR-like interchangeable lens options with a Vari-angle touch-display, fast burst shooting, and 1080p 60fps video capture. The high-end GH3 is an important camera for Panasonic:  Not only does it do still photography well, it's also exceptionally good at shooting serious video, and easily is on par or far better than many high-end SLR's in this department.

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