Apple Celebrates 5th Anniversary Of App Store

Gives away five premium games and five paid apps for free.


The App Store is celebrating its 5th anniversary in style as Apple is being generous enough to give away ten premium apps and games for free. The App Store, which started in 2008 has now got over 9,00,000 apps and games, ensuring that the iDevices' ecosystem is still the richest amongst all platforms. The various apps that are being given away are priced in the range of $2 (Over) to $20 (Traktor DJ).

Here is the list of games that are available for free:
Infinity Blade II
Tiny Wings HD
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
Where's My Water?

And here is the list of free apps:
Barefoot World Atlas
Day One (Journal / Diary)
How to Cook Everything
Traktor DJ

The App Store's anniversary falls on the 10th of July and we suggest you hurry up with the downloading as it is not known for how long these apps will be available for free.


Apple Celebrates 5th Anniversary Of App Store

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