Cheaper Airtel 4G Plans Start At Rs 450 |

Cheaper Airtel 4G Plans Start At Rs 450

Get free access to 1000 movies and 100 games on some high-speed data plans.


Bharti airtel has reduced the cost of its 4G services to almost 2G levels. The plans start at Rs 450 for 2 GB per month. Additionally, the company is offering free access to a library of 1000 movies-on-demand and 100 games on BigFlix and Indiagames for plans starting at Rs 999 per month and above. The cost of a monthly subscription for the unlimited movie catalogue is otherwise Rs 149. The plans do not include 4G dongles or 4G CPE Router, which have to be purchased separately at Rs 1500 and Rs 4000 respectively. Here are the new plans in a tabular format:

airtel Intros New Cheaper 4G Plans Starting At Rs 450

The data transfer is charged at 50 p per 100 KB (5p/10KB or Rs5/MB) once the user expends the data limit except for the Rs 450 plan where it continues at 128 kbps unlimited. In case you are wondering, 4G is available only for data cards and is not yet available for mobile phones. The company has an introductory offer on several 6-month plans with free 4G dongle starting at Rs 5999 with a 3 GB monthly download limit. Airtel 4G is currently available only in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune, and Chandigarh.

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