Nokia Snubs Apple iPhone Users In New Ad |

Nokia Snubs Apple iPhone Users In New Ad

Portrays fanboys as brain-dead zombies using iPhone camera flash to infect other users into…. Apple fanboys.


The new Nokia Lumia 925 attempts to drive home the point that its camera is so good that it doesn't require a flash in low light conditions, whereas the iPhone cannot do without it. It shows a lone Nokia user who is wading through the dark streets past midnight (at 00:05 am). Suddenly, he comes across hordes of zombies, or rather iZombies, with pale faces, stiff lips, and shiny red eyes (possibly to show that the red-eye reduction in the iPhone camera doesn't work well?) walking aimlessly.

As he continues his walk, he finds the iZombies infecting others by lamely flashing their iPhone camera flash at unsuspecting people, turning them instantly into iZombies (read, Apple fanboys). The teaser ends with the terrified Nokia user confronted and cornered by a frightening iZombie who is about to flash him. While it ends there and reminds us that the Nokia Lumia 925 doesn't need flash for low light photography and can take the best pictures in any light, we have a feeling that this is just the first in a series of ad campaigns. While we anticipate the next part, you can take a look at the ad over here and tell us what you make of it:

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