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Facebook Now Lets You Add Pictures To Comments

The update was reportedly conceived at an employee Hackathon.


Facebook has just rolled out a new update that lets users add pictures to comments. While the featured works only with the web and mobile sites, you can only view images with comments on apps for now. It is expected to come to apps in future updates.

A Mashable report suggests that the update was conceived at Facebook employee Hackathon. Also, you can only add pictures to comments for posts by individuals. So while you can add pictures to a comment on your friend's post, you can't reply to posts made by a page (like that of TechTree.com on FB for instance). To figure out which post lets you add pictures on comments, look for a camera icon at the right corner of the comment text box. Click on it and add a picture. After all, they claim to say more than a 1000 words.

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