Twitter Goes Abuzz With #PappuDiwas Tweets |

Twitter Goes Abuzz With #PappuDiwas Tweets

Mysteriously though, the trending hashtag just disappears from the trends list!


If you are slow to catch up with what is happening in the world, you might want to turn to Twitter. While it is known to be a bit off with what is true sometimes, you'd be a lot more abreast with what is making news in the country. For instance, not many will realise that today is the Congress 'Yuvraj', Rahul Gandhi's birthday. And the Twitterverse is celebrating the day with a lot of scathing tweets, which make for a good read. Here are a few hand-picked nuggets for your reading pleasure. And we promise we save the best for the last:

Some got very technical.

Happy 7th Birthday Rahul Gandhi's Brain. Hope you have an awesome time playing games like Pinning the Tail on Digvijay Singh #PappuDiwas

— Gaurav (@BwoyBlunder) June 19, 2013

(OK, so he's 43, but the guy's right on most other counts.)

Then some went witty with their caustic sarcasm.

(OK, that wasn't too hard, especially when the subject is hell-bent on shooting his own foot!)

And how can we forget the curious kittens?

Like we promised, we've saved the best tweet for the end.

The website that the tweet directs you to is a masterpiece in itself. The site tries to glorify the "young man's" family, and makes you "talk to the hand", which is ironically Congress' logo. No wonder no reforms happen in the country. Saving grace? Well, at least they didn’t use comic sans for the text!

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