Salora Launches Two New Multimedia Speakers |

Salora Launches Two New Multimedia Speakers

Pricing for the SHA-3211UF and SHA-3511UF speaker systems start at Rs 2300.


Salora International, a company better known for budget-friendly tablets and smartphones, does have a few digital speaker systems under its belt too. The latest offering from its lineup include the SHA-3211UF (2.1 channel) and SHA-3511UF (5.1 channel). Apart from different power output values, and number of support audio channels, both speaker systems sport a LCD display and pack in features such as USB player, SD Card Reader, Digital FM, remote control, Bass & Treble control, direct access to MP 3 File, and wooden satellite speakers. Both speakers work with various devices including PCs, televisions, VCD and DVD players, MP3 players, and music system. The SHA-3211UF, priced at Rs 2500 (street price Rs 2300) packs in total output of 40 W RMS. The SHA-3511UF with total output of 135 W RMS is worth Rs 4500 (street price Rs 4090).

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