HTC And Samsung Engage In A Twitter War

A few tongue-in-cheek tweets later, it's LG that has the last laugh!


Now there is no denying that HTC’s Flagship handset, the HTC One is the best looking Android phone in the market today. So it isn’t surprising that it managed to land the 'Hottest phone of 2013' honours at the Mobile Awards. However, the UK wing of the brand is surely not a gracious winner, as it did make it a point to snub arch-rivals Samsung with a cheeky tweet (embedded below).

Not to be left far behind, Samsung UK decide to give it back to HTC by reminding them that its flagship swept away three awards. If you look at Samsung's market share, it suggests that losing out on looks of a handset does little to dent the brand’s popularity.

That being said, HTC surely ruffled some more feathers in the Samsung camp. Reminding Korean giant of its unethical marketing tactics, which involved badmouthing its competitors with paid reviews, was its retort (see the tweet below). Samsung surely didn’t see that one coming and chose to stay mum.

With this master stroke, the game was pretty much over for this tongue-in-cheek (foot-in-mouth for Samsung) banter, but LG had the last laugh. Although its smartphones have a long catching up game to play, this tweet pretty much sums it up.

But I think for the Fandroids, this battle has only just begun. That being said, this one tweet sums it all up, for everyone!

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