Sibal Drops Plan To Censor The Internet |

Sibal Drops Plan To Censor The Internet

Government makes a U-turn on the content monitoring issue.


Earlier this month, Kapil Sibal had revealed his plans to monitor the internet for "blasphemous" and "defamatory" material. It didn't take long for the nation to rise up in arms against Sibal's ridiculous scheme. In the face of strong public opposition, the government seems to have changed its stance on the issue.

According to a report, the government has made it clear that it has no plans to censor the internet. The announcement was made in a meeting with the representatives of popular web entities including Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Sachin Pilot, Minister of State, Communications & IT, clarified, "There is no question of censoring internet. Whatever law has to be made is already in place. The government is committed to abiding by whatever is included in the Constitution, which is freedom of speech and expression. We protect that with a lot of energy."

The situation, however, was completely different just a few days ago. Sibal was keen on setting up a desi equivalent of the Eye of Sauron that would screen the internet of "objectionable material" prior to publishing. Interestingly, the minister now claims that he never meant to impose censorship, but had instead sought a constructive dialogue between the social media and government. Someone please lend this guy an Oxford English Dictionary, so that he can look up the meanings of 'censorship' and 'constructive dialogue'.

With internet censorship off its radar, let's hope government will pay attention to more serious issues at hand.

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