Microsoft Brings The Windows Phone Challenge To Select Indian Cities

Asks you to pit your current handset against a WP device; offers Rs 1000 and other goodies as prize.


Microsoft seems to be pushing its case in favour of the Windows Phone hard in the country. The OS has been slowly making its place between scores of over-grown Android handsets. And in a bid to make it more acceptable with users, the tech giant has launched "The Windows Phone Challenge". Running through the month of June across various Indian cities, users are asked to pitch their existing phones against a WP handset.

The challenge is open to users in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Mumbai. If the user's phone beats the WP-based smartphone, he takes away Rs 1,000 as a prize. Microsoft has set up Facebook pages to keep tech-enthusiasts updated about when the contest will be running in a city closest to them. Check out this link for details. If you plan to pick up a WP8 smartphone, you can also stake claim to a free portable charger worth Rs 1500.

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