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Download: Bhookh

Donate food using your Android device.


While we keep whining about not having our dream gadgets, thousands of people around the world have to line up for hours just to get a packet of food. Founded in 2003, is a unique charity NGO that lets you make a food donation for free. Initiated by Jay V Sutaria, the website's only objective is to provide free staple food to less fortunate children. To make a donation, all you need to do is to click the ads hosted on the website. The sponsors then pay for the food, which gets distributed by the UN World Food Programme.

Although many of us would like promote this website, we may forget to visit it everyday from a computer. To make it available on the go, one of our readers, Mir Mustafa Ali, has created an unofficial Bhookh app for Androids. This simple app has a GIVE FREE FOOD button that redirects to the Although it works as nothing more than a bookmark, having it placed next to your favourite game apps will work as an effective reminder.

Developer: Mir Mustafa Ali
Version: 1.1
Size: 130 KB
Price: Free
Platform: Android


Download: Bhookh


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