Rumour: Standalone Opera App To Hit Linux Platform Soon

Version 15 of the popular browser is currently available as a beta.


In the midst of Ubuntu ditching Firefox to incorporate Chromium web browser in the next release version — the 13.10 (codenamed Saucy Salamander) — web browser Opera is all set to debut as a standalone app for the open source operating system. An OMG Ubuntu report states that one of Opera's popular aspects, the internal email feature known as Opera Mail (formerly M2), would be done away with, and the browser (Opera 15) without the feature, would be released as standalone for Linux.

Opera 15 beta, is currently available as Opera Next for Windows and MAC platforms. Opera Mail was a part of the web browser's scheme of things for more than a decade. The beta version reportedly doesn't incorporate Opera's erstwhile Presto renderer, and features Webkit instead. Interestingly, Opera for Android also adapted the same approach recently.

Linux users would surely want to see how Opera as a standalone app works as compared to the standard desktop version without the internal email client. However, they will have to wait till an official announcement is made and it is made available for download.

Rumour: Standalone Opera App To Hit Linux Platform Soon

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