Yahoo! Buys Tumblr, Users Express Strong Dissent |

Yahoo! Buys Tumblr, Users Express Strong Dissent

The blogging service is quite popular with the youth; Yahoo! inks the deal for $1.1 billion.


If you thought blogging was dead, you'd be pleasantly surprised. As reports of Yahoo! taking over teen-favourite blogging platform Tumblr surface online (neither companies has made a public statement yet), Tumblr users have already started venting out their frustration on the social media. As Mashable reports, Twitter in particular is rife with dissenting posts that ideally reflects on the image hit that Yahoo! has suffered in recent times.

However, reports that Yahoo! will not interfere a lot with the blog service, and that it will continue to be a "Mostly Hands-Off Product" for the company.

Clearly, users didn't enjoy what the software giant did with Flickr after acquisition, but that doesn't mean that the photo-sharing service doesn't have its share of loyalists.

That being said, Instagram users also staged several verbal (and online) protests, when the service was picked up by Facebook. But the service continues to enjoy a healthy fan following even today. How things turn out for Tumblr users in the future, only time will tell.

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