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Download your favourite MP3 right to your mobile and create mobile ringtones.


Ever been in a situation when you are just not able to think of anything other than the song that you have recently heard and wanted it badly? Well, now you can do it right from your Windows Phone device. WebMP3 is a free app that lets you search for and download MP3 music from the internet. While we cannot vouch for the legality of the songs downloaded in this way, the app claims that it doesn't host any of the songs. It merely uses Bing and Google to search for the songs online using its own magic with search terms to come up with the relevant results.

The app has a simple interface and searching for songs is very easy: you just have to key in the artist name and the song name and hit the Search button. The results are displayed in the form of various URLs that are hosting the searched song and once you click on one of the resultant URLs, a web page opens within the app with songs listed like on an FTP server. You can then click on the song and the download starts. The songs downloaded thus are not accessible directly to the user, but can be played from the app's in-built music player. This player supports various options such as shuffle and repeat, and you can even create playlists. An additional feature of this app is that it lets you create ringtones for the phone from the downloaded songs.

Publisher: ezapp
Platform: Windows Phone 7.5, Windows Phone 8
Price: Free
Size: 1 MB
Download URL:


Download: WebMP3 (Windows Phone)

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