Download : Inky Desktop Email APP (Windows, Mac)

Inky is also expected to be extended to the Linux platform soon.


Inky is a desktop email application that allows you to manage multiple email accounts. Although Inky doesn't offer a great user interface like Microsoft's Outlook or that of the Apple Mail, but it gets the work done. The app scans your inbox to filter out the most relevant emails and displays these in the order of importance. Less important mails and spam messages are given least priority, and are dumped to the bottom. Along with these, Inky also comes with a Smart Views feature, using which you can group and view email from personal contacts and commercial channels separately.

While the software handles all your POP/IMAP related issues, setting up an account is easy. Those working on Linux can also use the application, as it is slated to come to the OS soon.
Platforms: Windows, Mac
Price: Free

Download : Inky Desktop Email APP (Windows, MAC)

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