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Facebook Graph Search Arrives For Indian Users

Natural language search engine will make it easier to find what you don't see in plain sight.


Facebook Graph Search which the social networking giant announced in January 2013 as a limited beta edition to its users in the United States, has started becoming available to a lot of Indian Facebook users to find what they're looking for through friends and connections. So hurry up, try logging out and and logging in to your Facebook accounts and let us know if you have received the feature yet. You should notice a dropdown menu at the top to search through information such as restaurants near to your locality, photos you have liked, and much more.

Facebook Graph Search brings with it the ability to type in natural language phrases for results that ordinarily do not show up. You can even add to the search phrase to make it more specific in order to zero in on the intended results. An example is "photos of my friends in Bangalore", "people who like cycling and are from my hometown", and "cities visited by my friends this month".  In essence, this is simplification approached in the manner that search giant Google does, although the search is limited to things on Facebook. So with its "new search" capability which is a powerful tool in today's online social world, I would term Facebook's Graph Search as "If Google is for content, then Graph Search is for people and their activities."

Now that Facebook has rolled out the Graph Search to India, the feature's usefulness lies in how people perceive and understand the feature. I saw instances of badly formed search queries that kept getting directed towards the "Web Search" instead of searching within Facebook. Conversely, there is potential to undermine privacy and misuse Facebook Graph Search for unlawful acts. This caused Facebook to blunt its Graph Search a little, to display people/activities only from the logged-in user's friend list.

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