Download: Da Vinci Pinball App HD (Windows Phone) |

Download: Da Vinci Pinball App HD (Windows Phone)

Explore amazing inventions such as Da Vinci's flying machine and tank.


If you are one of those who grew up playing Pinball, this game is for you. Da Vinci Pinball, named after the famous inventor, is the first Xbox-enabled Pinball game, made for Nokia Lumia smartphones. With it, you can pinball your way through the mind of a Renaissance man who invented the modern world. It brings themes centered around Da Vinci's inventions and paintings with stunning visuals, on a table. This table provides various gadgets, weapons and machinery for you to play Pinball with.

You get background music along with narration which take you through, as the game progresses. You can move the flipper with a tap on your Lumia's touchscreen. Each of Da Vinci's missions involve the activation of gadgets such as Da-Vinci helicopters to hit various targets.

The Da Vinci Pinball app is available for Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8 users as of now. You might want to scroll down to check out the screenshots of the app, and gameplay video before downloading/buying.

Publisher: Nokia Corporation
Download Size: 60 MB
Platforms: Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 7.5
Price: Rs 163 ($2.99); a free trial version is also available
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