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Microsoft Smartwatch On The Cards: Desperate For Wearable Technology?

Apple, Google and Samsung would seem to have already begun down the smartwatch path.


Microsoft may have gotten desperate for that little breather, and "break-out" in a technology industry it once dominated with its Windows operating system range. I say so so, due to speculation that Microsoft is developing its own smartwatch to compete against the likes of Apple, Google and Samsung - all of which have seemingly begun coming out with their smartwatch prototypes.

Wall Street Journal
says that Microsoft is into the designing of a wearable touchscreen watch-like device. for which the company had earlier ordered 1.5-inch screens from various component builders. However, the timing of Microsoft bringing its own smartwatch into the market is unknown as of now.

Microsoft's speculated foray into smartwatch production doesn't necessarily mark the debut of the company in the wearable technology segment. In fact a couple of years ago, Microsoft had tried its hand at SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) through which the company aimed to personalize household electronics and other everyday devices, through "smart" software and hardware that would make their usage more versatile. However the SPOT watches project was killed in 2008.

It seems that major technology companies have taken to the development of exclusive "Smart Watches" with the likely reason being to shore up slowing mobile sales or waning PC sales. Reports state that Microsoft's Windows 8 failed to provide the much required impetus to the PC market, and even blame the operating system as having hurt overall PC sales in the first quarter of 2013.

(Image Credit: A prior story about Pebble smartwatches.)

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