Twitter Turns Seven, Celebrates With A Video |

Twitter Turns Seven, Celebrates With A Video

The popular microblogging site sees 200 million active users posting over 400 million Tweets daily.


It's been seven years since the popular microblogging site Twitter came into being. Started as just a social networking service that lets you communication in 140 characters, the service has become a cult of sorts, and has played a prominent role in several important events that shaped modern history. On its official blog, the service suggests that it sees over 200 million active users in a day, posting well over 400 million Tweets daily. Although several players including Google tried to replicate its success, Twitter has managed to create a niche of its own, leaving competition far behind.

The service also saw a fair share of foot-in-the-mouth moments. Many realised that even though it offers real-time information, not everything that gets tweeted is true: Many celebs have been victims of Twitter pranks as well. Celebrating the milestone, the service has compiled a video that highlights the years that went by. Obviously it chose to keep mum on the many fail whales and faux pas that were committed in the same period.

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