Google Maps Goes Indoors

Can help you find washrooms in airports.


Google has announced a new version of its Maps, which provides indoor maps and navigation to Android users. The latest version (6.0) will help users figure out their location in case these "smart" phone owners get lost in a mall or an airport.

According to the company, the "You are here" maps found at public places can get confusing. On the other hand, Google's offering claims to accurately detect your location and even tell you which floor you're on. Reportedly, this feat has been achieved by taking the My Location element and fine-tuning it for indoor use.

The feature is currently available for select airports and malls in the US and Japan. Click here for the list of participating locations. Additionally, if you're a business owner wanting to feature your shop's floor plan in Google Maps, visit

While this makes for a good addition, I'd rather have offline maps any day.

Google Maps Goes Indoors

On the right is a screenshot of Ahmed's new Google Maps, with custom instructions from Al-Qaeda.

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