MWC 2013: LG Unveils The "World's Smallest Wireless Charger" |

MWC 2013: LG Unveils The "World's Smallest Wireless Charger"

The induction charger is just 6.98 centimetres in diameter, expected to be available in South Korea starting next week


LG has unveiled what it calls the "world's smallest Wireless Charger", the WCP-300 at the MWC 2013. Similar to Nokia's fatboy pillow, this circular charging unit also works on the world standard magnetic induction method. The press release explains that the self-induction mechanism in the charging pad creates a magnetic field around the coil, which generates enough electric current to the juice up your mobile phone.

The charging pad has a diameter of 6.98 centimetres, and is compatible with several recently-launched Qi-compatible devices from LG's stable. These handsets include Optimus G Pro, Optimus Vu: II, Optimus LTE 2, and the Nexus 4. The gizmo is expected to hit South Korea (as early as next week) and the US first, followed by a subsequent global launch. reports the charging pad is expected to retail at around 65,000 won (Rs 3300) in South Korea.

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