Pay Facebook To Promote Your Friends' Posts? |

Pay Facebook To Promote Your Friends' Posts?

Now you can embarrass your friends more by promoting their drunk photos - or more likely, make a startup fundraiser or charity more visible.


Paying Facebook to promote your own posts was a feature launched in October last year. Not many know this, but by default whatever status update you do on Facebook is shown to only 16% of your friends. Facebook's algorithm decides who will see your post based on your previous interactions with them. By using the promote feature users can reach a larger number of people on your friend list.

Now Facebook is ready to take that a feature a step further. With this new feature users will be able to promote Facebook posts of their friends. However, the privacy controls on the original post will still be retained. So if you promote a Friends post which is set to show up only to his friends, it will now show up to a larger number of his friends. If the post was originally set to public, it will now show up to your own friends too.

According to Facebook, the new feature can be used to promote friends posts when they are trying to raise money for charity or looking to find a place for rent, thus helping them in their task by reaching a larger audience. However, this also opens the doors to alot of pranks as well, although we will leave that to your imagination.

The feature is not available to everybody at the moment and is being rolled out in phases, so if you don't see the option yet, wait for a while. In the mean time you can check out the official FAQ section on the "Promote" feature from Facebook.

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