Early Adopters Of The Pebble 'Smartwatch' Start Facing Issues

Watchmaker acknowledges and responds to users about the issues


The Pebble watch is perhaps the one thing that could make you wear wrist watches again. In simple words, Pebble is paired with your smartphone over a Bluetooth connection and shows you variety of information as it happens on your phone. You can check out their website here: http://getpebble.com

However, it seems everything is not rosy for the 21st century watch. With the initial set of devices having shipped recently, the first set of complaints have already started pouring in. One of the bigger gripes that users have is to do with email notifications which automatically turn off when Buetooth connection is interrupted between the Pebble and an iOS device. Among other issues is the fragmentation of Android devices and the different types of email apps bundled by different hardware manufacturers. These email apps do not always play nicely with Pebble, resulting in lost notifications. Other issues popping up for Pebble are, compatibility with multiple Android ROMs, lost caller ID on iOS and inconsistent battery life.

Early Adopters Of The Pebble Smartwatch Start Facing Issues

The watchmaker addressed these issues over an email sent to the people who have ordered the product and has said the compay is trying hard to release a fix. Some of the issues (such as the compatibility with a wide variety of Android ROM's) will be hard to fix, since the Android market is extremely fragmented, and too many devices already exist, with new ones coming along all the time.

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