Airtel Claims To Empower Rural Subscribers With Apna Chaupal |

Airtel Claims To Empower Rural Subscribers With Apna Chaupal

Apna Chaupal is said to be a set of Value Added Services (VAS) over IVR, for enabling people to stay abreast with real time information across various fields.


In tune with its mEducation Service that provides tips to crack competitive exams, and the Value Added Services (VAS) operational in various metropolitan cities, Airtel has brought out a service called "Apna Chaupal". It will offer access to a range of services under the VAS banquet, for Airtel subscribers in rural areas and semi-urban regions.

What are these Value Added Services? They include job alerts, important details related to latest trends across fields such as health, entertainment, agriculture, religion and sports. Even services such as Hello Tunes, FM Radio, cricket updates, career counselling and English learning aids are provided to subscribers via Apna Chaupal.

To access Apna Chaupal, Airtel subscribers in rural areas need to dial 58080, a toll free number. Information provided is in the form of an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) in multiple languages - Kannada, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Rajasthani, Assamese, Punjabi, Gujarati, Haryanvi and Marathi.

The service is claimed to be a boon to rural mobile subscribers, with the potential to eliminate processes like standing in queue to find the current selling price of various grains across fair price shops. Airtel says Apna Chaupal enables rural subscribers to get real time information just like their city counterparts. We at TechTree say this is yet another attempt by Airtel to monetize their user base, and raise ARPU (average revenues per user) somehow.

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