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"Wine" Now Coming To Android, To Run Windows Software

With this popular application, users may soon be able to run Windows applications on their (Linux-based) Android devices. One speed breaker is the battle of the ARM vs x86 instruction sets.


Running Android applications on your Windows powered PC is pretty easy with software's such as BlueStacks. However, the reverse is a difficult task. To tackle this problem, Wine, a popular app for Unix-based operating systems, which can run Windows software under Linux OS is now being developed for Android.

What this potentially means is that, using Wine users should be able to run Windows software on their Android powered devices. However, it won't be as rosy as it seems, at the current development stage Windows applications ran at snail's pace on Android. This was seen at the demo showcasing Wine for Android by lead developer Alexandre Julliard, at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels.

However, tablet devices running Windows 8 Pro should not feel threatened anytime soon.

The difficulty lies in the instruction set being used for a majority of Android devices. Most of the Android devices these days are run on the ARM architecture. While there are x86 chipsets from Intel which are being used by some Android devices, their penetration is nowhere near that of the ARM. The developers behind Wine are banking on OEM's to manufacture devices with Intel's x86 Atom CPUs which will help them in development of Wine for Android. Until then Wine for ARM devices will be developed, but expect the development to be slow.

Popular App Wine Which Allows Running Windows Software On Linux Now Coming To Android

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