Sony Could Launch PlayStation 4 On 20th February |

Sony Could Launch PlayStation 4 On 20th February

Early release date could send the Xbox camp scampering.


Sony has released a teaser possibly revealing that it will announce the much awaited PlayStation 4 on the 20th of February. The video posted on the official PS website for the US mentions 6 pm EST (4:30 am IST) as the launch time for the next PlayStation. This will be the first real upgrade to the PlayStation series after the original PlayStation 3, which was launched over six years ago in November 2006. The PS3 did undergo a series of evolutionary changes in its own right with the latest model — a much slimmer and lighter model being launched towards the end of 2012. However, that was not really an upgrade, which the PlayStation 4 is surely going to be. Although there have been speculations, Sony has been tight-lipped about the hardware. Here's the video:


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The teaser video aptly titled "See the future" hypes up a meeting that will take place on the said date, although there isn't any indication what this meeting is about. Without giving away much, the video shows the classic PS button symbols and the February 20, 2013 date. At the end of the title, there is a URL titled "Be the First to Know", where users can register their email address with the hope to get the first bits on the upcoming gaming console.

Being caught off guard, the PlayStation 4 launch could press the panic button at Microsoft, which is also said to be readying its next console (Xbox 720?), which is still said to be a few months away from an expected announcement in June this year at E3 2013. Sony will therefore have quite some time to capture base and plan the strategy before its competitor becomes available. In contrast for the previous generation of consoles, Sony was late to the game with its PS3 while Microsoft went first up with its Xbox 360.

While PC gaming is what I personally prefer, I am aware that an increasing number of consumers are switching allegiance to consoles. Whether or not the new generation consoles will be able to capture a larger share of in terms of gaming platform, will become clear by the end of this year.

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