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Face Recognition On Android 4.0 Can Be Tricked

A still photo fools the camera into authenticating for a real person.


Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) has a cool new feature, where the users can unlock the mobile device using face recognition technology. Well, it seems like the face unlock feature which Google showed off with much enthusiasm (though it failed a couple of times during the announcement) can be easily tricked. The timing of this new bug will strike Google and Samsung (because the video shows a couple of Samsung devices in use for the demo) hard since the launch is nearing. However, we believe that Google will come up with a solution soon. The video below shows how the guy uses an image of himself from the Galaxy Note to unlock the display on the Galaxy Nexus. If it's this easy to trick, we can't seem to figure out the point of this new feature. Users might as well use the typical lock pattern which is a bit harder to trick. Watch the video below to see how easily the demonstrator tricks the Galaxy Nexus. This, however, doesn't take anything away from the other neat features that come packed with ICS.

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