Apple Patents Leaf After Patenting Rectangle |

Apple Patents Leaf After Patenting Rectangle

"Only the paranoid survive."


This bit of patent-related news comes via The Register, and, as the site says, "This is out of hand now." Earlier this month, Apple applied for a patent on the leaf in its logo. That seems to have been encouraged by their recently granted patent on a rectangle with rounded corners. You can view the screenshot of the Leaf patent application here.

The US Patent Office has seen bizarre applications. What is remarkable here is, Apple's application is for something extremely simple: Two simple geometric shapes stitched together, and tilted at about a 60-degree angle. (As a reminder, this patent application is about only the leaf in the logo.)

You can imagine the chaos order that would ensue if other companies were to do an Apple® imitation™. Think about the Bing logo: If the "n" were trademarked, you'd have to give Microsoft® credit each time you used a simple "n" – or a "u" – in anything of commercial interest.

Apple's patent on the rectangle with rounded corners, and on the leaf shape (if they receive it), might explain some unexpected designs and logos in the near future.

Is there a design aspect to the leaf that isn't obvious? Let us know in the comments!

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