Internet Explorer Users Urged To Apply Security Patch

Targeted attacks reported; users better off not using IE for a while.


A security flaw has been discovered in Internet Explorer, to address which Microsoft released a Security Advisory. It outlines three steps to protect your computer from a browser exploit whereby a hacker could take control over an entire computer — if you were to visit certain malicious websites using Internet Explorer.

The Advisory, at the Microsoft Security Response Center, recommends that Internet Explorer users install a free security tool called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET). Other measures to prevent an attack have also been mentioned. The Microsoft advisory also mentions that some targeted attacks using the vulnerability have taken place.

At least one security expert, though, has said that EMET "doesn't appear to be completely effective" — suggesting that the better option would be avoid using Internet Explorer for as long as the vulnerability is being exploited "in the wild".

According to us, an even better option is to uninstall Internet Explorer from your computer. Alternative browsers include Firefox (download here) and Chrome (download here).

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