Download: Skyrocket Screensaver |

Download: Skyrocket Screensaver

Diwali fireworks right on your desktop.


While you have to wait till nightfall to be able to enjoy the rockets and fireworks of Diwali, this screensaver will let you enjoy all that at any time of the day, right on your desktop. This decade old OpenGL screensaver still doesn't fail to captivate me with its rockets and smoke trails. The rockets reach a certain height and explode with a brilliant colourful display. Some explode in the clouds and illuminate them from within. It uses OpenAL for sound. To add to the realism, the screensaver also takes into account the distance of the exploding rocket from the camera point of view and the speed of sound, to determine the duration after which the sound is heard. The keyboard commands let you launch various types of rockets, pause the movement of the fireworks, and even control the camera using the mouse. The screensaver is completely configurable, so you can set various options such as display resolution, number or rockets, smoke lifespan, amount of smoke in explosion, star density, lens flare, moon glow, etc. Extract the contents to the System32 folder inside your Windows folder, usually located on the C drive. It will then be visible in the list of screensavers installed in Windows.

Developer: Really Slick
Version: 2.0
License: Freeware
Platform: Windows
Size: 3.8 MB
Download URL:

Download: Skyrocket Screensaver

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