Lexmark Stops Doing Inkjets

Too many screens around.


Lexmark will soon stop its inkjet printer business. It will continue selling laser printers, though. The company said it would also continue inkjet cartridges and other peripherals for some years.

This isn’t as much of a landmark announcement as Kodak stopping its film camera business; neither is it as sentimental as when Sony stopped selling actual tape Walkmans. (Many of us cried when that happened.)

But it does remind us that home inkjet printing is neither glamorous nor all that necessary these days. About 10 years ago, it was a privilege to have one at home; the printer occupied pride of place on the family’s computer table.  As mobile devices become more popular, and reading on them become more of a habit, the need for home printing – and therefore inkjets – has been falling steadily and rapidly. Lexmark’s exit is something of an obvious development – as was Kodak’s entry into photo printing in 2007.

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