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HoloDesk Lets You Interact With Virtual Objects

Uber-cool prototype uses a see-through display and Kinect to achieve this.


The folks at Microsoft Research (MSR) spend their time creating weird gadgets. Very few of these take the form of a retail product, like the Kinect did. While plenty of crazy experiments are taking place at MSR, the one called HoloDesk stands out.

The HoloDesk lets you manipulate 3D virtual images with your bare hands. In order to view the 3D objects, the user needs to look through a transparent screen of plastic. The setup includes an optical see-through display, webcam, Kinect, and a beam splitter.

To see it in action, check out this video:

Although the project is far from perfect, it will only get better with time. I think it can open up endless possibilities in gaming, CAD prototyping, and the (naughty) movie industry. More importantly, it will enable people to slap each other over telepresence.

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