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EPOS Launches IMPACT 800 Series: in India at its Experience Center in Delhi

EPOS, the premium global audio brand, unveiled the IMPACT 800 series, the ultimate companion for modern, desk-working professionals at their brand experience center Ramptech Solutions in Delhi.


The company has organized an exclusive demo session conducted at EPOS Audio India Pvt Ltd by Mr Sudeep Roy, Sales Director and hosted by Ramp Tech Solutions distributor for (North+East) India.


The IMPACT 800 series is the latest addition to EPOS’ enterprise audio portfolio, which caters to every office environment. This on-ear, USB, wired headset is designed to improve focus and boost productivity in the open spaces that are now commonplace in the office and when working from home.


From chattering colleagues to barking dogs and noisy devices, open offices and home working spaces can be full of sound clutter. While it often goes unnoticed, brains can undergo significant strain when struggling to process digital audio in noisy environments, leading to fatigue, lost productivity, and a loss of concentration. This is why EPOS developed the IMPACT 800 to support the brain’s natural way of processing sound.  


Leveraging EPOS BrainAdapt™, a group of pioneering technologies, the IMPACT 800 addresses the challenges of taking calls in a busy environment. Minimizing the effort spent on listening and understanding, the product mitigates brain fatigue by reducing disruptive sounds. It enables wearers to unlock new levels of productivity, increasing efficiency by 40%1. 


Other key features include:

  • Enhance focus: The IMPACT 800 is built on EPOS BrainAdapt™, a group of pioneering technologies that work together with hybrid adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™ to improve cognitive performance. The device cuts down noise and helps the brain focus - even in busy open office environments.  

  • Designed for comfort and ease of use: The IMPACT 800 has a lightweight design, soft breathable cushions, and headband padding that allow for all-day wearing comfort. Additionally, smart features and plug-and-play connectivity via USB-C cable make using the headset intuitive and hassle-free. 

  • Crystal clear sound: Based on more than 8,000 parameters in three beamforming microphones – sophisticated algorithms powered by 2nd Generation EPOS AI™ update noise-cancelling filters every 4th millisecond to ensure a clear and natural sound is transmitted.  

  • Impeccable sound quality: Super wideband audio and stereo deliver clear natural sound while industry-leading voice pickup ensures wearers’ voices aren’t lost, even in noisy open offices. The headset also uses ActiveGard™ technology to prevent loud spikes and support noise-at-work compliance. 

  • Packed full of smart features: Users can initiate, end, and mute calls simply by moving the boom arm or taking the headset on/off. Plus, with a 360-degree busylight, surrounding people can clearly know when you’re on a call and not to be disturbed. 


“The office environment has evolved to the point that a silent workspace is no longer an option for the majority of employees. Whether based in the office or at home, we can expect distraction from background noise – from colleagues or children conversing to the sounds of printers, servers or even the dishwasher. This is why EPOS’ innovation is focused on supporting the way human’s process sound, to make it easier for workers to concentrate even in busy environments. Plus, as a wired device, the IMPACT 800 series makes the perfect plug-in and go partner for those who don’t want to worry about battery life during call-intensive days,” says Johnny Andersen, VP Product & Portfolio Management at EPOS.  


Price- Rs. 14,710