How to choose a good device for your home theatre |

How to choose a good device for your home theatre

A good home theatre system is a must-have if you want the ultimate movie experience.


Home is that place where you expect to spend a relaxing time. It tends to define your comfort zone and your preference for leisure. And if you appreciate a quality viewing experience, the home theatre has to be an excellent addition to your house. But figuring out which is the best can get confusing since many options are available in the market, each with merits and demerits.

The appeal of home theatres

A good home theatre system is a must-have if you want the ultimate movie experience. The benefit of having a home theatre is that you can watch movies in entirely different ways than before by getting an immersive experience. Projectors are the way to go if you want a HOME THEATRE due the large screen and fine image quality. A truly cinematic experience does require a big picture. Projectors are majorly classified into the following three categories:

  • Long throw projectors have proven useful where there’s room to spare. These offer good picture quality and are generally witnessed towards the higher end of the home theatre spectrum.
  • Short-throw projectors are the most commonly used in constrained space as these offer a good balance between affordability and picture quality. These are primarily seen in households where there is less room, the distance between the projector, and the projection surface is shorter. If configured correctly, these can produce a 120-inch picture with a lot of detail and sharpness.
  • Ultra-short throw projectors are the new kids on the block. Gone are when you needed to mount projectors onto various contraptions to enjoy a large screen. UST projectors just need to be an inch or two apart from the projection surface and are good to go. This latest technology is becoming friendlier for the pocket as days pass by. This kind of projection set-up generally uses a laser light source, allowing it to produce super bright and vivid colours, making it a pretty viable replacement to conventional TVs. The fact that smart projectors have all the OTT apps built-in makes an even stronger case for ultra-short throws. Go for these if you want a cleaner set-up.


First Home Theatre?

The most important aspect of making a purchase decision for an item of personal use is to stay true to the purpose. No one thing in the market is the best fit for all. And if you are new to the audio space, you shouldn’t worry about the fancy stuff. That’s for the enthusiasts. When you become one, go crazy about the latest technology and all the hullabaloo surrounding it. For starters, you can trust many renowned brands based on economy and audio quality. Instead, go to a multi-brand store and feel the AV differentiate between products per your taste. Placing the order should be the last step of the process.


How to choose one for yourself?

You cannot go wrong with either of the three formats according to your requirements and budget. Ensure the light source produces at least 3500-5000 lumens, and a comprehensive gamut colour coverage doesn’t hurt. Wi-Fi connectivity and innovative features will go a long way in making your experience rich and sound. Couple this with an ambient light rejection or ALR screen and some popcorn, and you’ve got a pretty sweet set-up that will garner both admiration and envy.


Make sure you choose wisely

It’s a myth that you should invest in a home theatre system with a reasonable budget and a good room size. These things are pretty subjective and shouldn’t be generalised.

A home theatre system does not necessarily mean a soundbar; it could also be a pair of towers as they complement projectors well. But that decision depends upon the availability of space, the budget, and the aesthetic to a certain degree. Then there are also wired home theatre systems that provide an insane sound quality, but it might be optimal for a small room or workspace rather than the projected living area. These considerations play a significant role in bringing you closer to a viable decision. Nonetheless, this is one of the most satisfying investments for a musical nerd.


Final Thoughts

Always remember, this will not be your last purchase in the category because technology is changing drastically in the present times. But you want a robust system to appreciate music the way you want. So, if you are looking for the ultimate cinematic experience in your home, it is time to get a home theatre system that will be worthwhile until its last penny.


(The author is  Mr. Vijay Sharma, Country Head India, Optoma Corporation, and the views expressed in this article are his own)


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