Google Creates Artificial Brain Consisting Of 16,000 CPUs |

Google Creates Artificial Brain Consisting Of 16,000 CPUs

Mimics functioning of the human brain; claims limited success in recognising objects.


Google has managed to create an artificial brain using 16,000 computer processors, which amounts to over a billion connections, reports IANS. This project has been created at the company's 'blue sky ideas' lab, called Google X. A team led by Jeff Dean subsequently fed random images picked out of 10 million YouTube videos to this brain, in a bid to let it "learn" by itself.

Interestingly, the new machine chose to focus on cats. Dean says, "We never told it during the training 'this is a cat'. It basically invented the concept of a cat".

In a published report, the team states, "Contrary to what appears to be a widely-held intuition, our experimental results reveal that it is possible to train a face detector without having to label images as containing a face or not. We also find that the same network is sensitive to other high-level concepts such as cat faces and human bodies. Starting with these learned features, we trained our network to obtain 15.8 percent accuracy in recognising 20,000 object categories from ImageNet, a leap of 70 percent relative improvement over the previous state-of-the-art".

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