Watch Out! Those Android Apps May be a Security Risk |

Watch Out! Those Android Apps May be a Security Risk

A report by a testing platform says 75% of India's top Android apps contain security risks


India's vast majority of Android-based smartphone users have another reason to worry. A new study claims that more than three-fourths of the top-100 Android apps in the country could contain security vulnerabilities that may put the user data at risk. 

Of course, this is something all Android users across the world are aware of, given that Google's PlayStore isn't as stringent when it comes to approving apps as compared to the other mobile phone ecosystem - Apple's iOS and the App Store that moves it along. 

The new study has been conducted by Appknox, which claims that most of these apps have access to sensitive data and bad actors could well find easy access to it at any time. The report is titled "Evidence-based Insights — India’s Top 100 Android Mobile Apps tested for Cybersecurity." 

A report published in the Times of India quotes Appknox CEO Harshit Aggarwal saying most cyberattacks happen due to such vulnerabilities. He quoted a report from Check Point Research to suggest that 13 of the most used apps globally expose data of as many as 100 million users. 

The company says it had taken these 100 top applications through a rigorous automated process of testing that included 14 different test cases. These checks were what helped them determine essential parameters like data storage on the app, how much of it gets shared and their accessibility. 

In addition, they also check for security around payments as well as possible vulnerabilities in the code that could lead to data leaks. In fact, Appknox found that most of the top Indian apps lacked even the most basic of security checks. The report claimed that as much as 79% of the apps were affected by network security misconfiguration while 78% lacked sufficient code obfuscation, which is a process of masking the impact of the code. 

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