Google Pixel Watch is more powerful than previously thought |

Google Pixel Watch is more powerful than previously thought

There are actually two chipsets and more RAM


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The Google Pixel Watch’s internal structure isn’t as underpowered as expected. 

The latest rumor-report confirms a previous leak that the Pixel Watch would use the Exynos 9110, a four-year-old chipset. However, according to extremely reliable sources, the Pixel Watch will also use a second chipset to share the load.

The full capabilities of this co-processor are yet to be confirmed, but it could potentially handle certain tasks like managing the always-on display and ensuring that health and fitness statistics are constantly monitored.

Leaks state that the Pixel Watch will have more RAM than any other smartwatch on the market. That means more than the 1.5GB of RAM that’s inside the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. 

Those upgraded internals should help to ensure a smooth user experience and faster performance.

Pixel Watch is also expected to feature an impressive 32GB of internal storage.

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit will mean that certain Fitbit features will also be in the Pixel Watch and will improve the product’s sensor accuracy.

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