World’s first SMS sells for $121,000 in auction |

World’s first SMS sells for $121,000 in auction

The world’s first text message was ‘Merry Christmas’, which was sent from one Vodafone employee to another on December 3, 1992.


The successful bidder will receive a unique and detailed replica of the original communication protocol that transmitted the world’s first SMS.

Vodafone auctioned the text message as an NFT and proceeds from the auction will be go to the UN Refugee Agency, to support people who have been forcibly displaced.

The buyer will pay for the NFT with Ethereum and will claim exclusive ownership over the world’s first text message.

The auction was conducted in Paris by Aguttes, France’s first independent auction house.

Auction house founder Maximilian Aguttes said: “The first printed book, the first phone call, the first email – all these inventions have changed our lives and communication in the world. This first text message received in 1992 is a historic testament to human and technological progress – we are delighted to be able to support the sale of this landmark piece of history for this cause."

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